Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NY Hudson Valley's Sprout Creek Farm

The Perceptive Travel Blog's Antonia Malchik wrote a nice post about Sprout Creek Farm in New York's Hudson Valley. The farm is an educational/teaching farm first and foremost, but also produces lovely goat and cows milk cheeses. And they rent a three-bedroom cottage, only an hour from New York City.


  1. Thanks for the linkback! And glad to find your blog. Have you been to ? Huge lists of pick-your-own and other farms around the country, and recipes and directions for canning/freezing/preserving.

  2. Good Luck Michelle,

    Allow me to represent Ohio. My wife Annette and I returned to our Native Ohio after 10 years in NYC.

    Although we grew up in urban Ohio, in Cleveland suburbs, we chose the rural heartland of Ohio as our setting. After a year of restoring a great 140 year old farm house, we realized we were too farm from the city to efficiently work in our chosen professions, Nursing and commercial photography. The answer, Morgan Farm Stay is winding down our second summer season of vacation rentals, far exceeding out highest expectations. We even hosted an amazing wedding, with over 200 guests, cars parking all over our pasture, exposing so many people to the joys of farm living, without the hard work.

    to see slide shows, visitor comments and links to area attractions and availability calendar.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the comments!
    Antonia - I hadn't seen Nice though! I'll post a link to them.

    Dan - Thanks for telling me about your farm stay. It looks really beautiful. I hope to have a website with a searchable map directory of North American farm stays at some point. I'll definitely add you to my database. And congratulations on your success!