Thursday, February 18, 2010

Louisiana Agritourism

Dora Ann Hatch is the Extension Agritourism Coordinator for the Louisiana State University AgCenter. I asked her to say a bit about Louisiana agritourism for Farm Stay USA. Thanks to her for the following info!

In Louisiana, farmers have been opening their farms to “city folks” for over a century. In 2008 the Louisiana Legislature recognized the potential of agritourism and introduced a bill into the legislature that would provide limited liability for certain agritourism operations. Since the passage of that bill, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry have promoted agritourism as an alternative agriculture venture. A Web site,, was developed by the LSU AgCenter to provide resource information and a blog,, was created to provide up to date information on agritourism attractions.

Louisianans practicing agritourism in the state are engaged in bird watching in rice fields, ranch stays, farm tours, farmers’ markets, u-pick-ems, pumpkin patches, etc.

Dora Ann Hatch, Extension Agritourism Coordinator for the LSU AgCenter, click here to email

Photo: LSU AgCenter: Steve Cardiff atop the rice combine points out to the birdwatcher on board the many Yellow Rails in the field. The birdwatcher was instructed on safe riding techniques and the combine landing was retrofitted with an additional safety support bar. Seeing a combine in action was the first for many birders.

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