Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feather Downs Farm Stays

Feather Downs, a Europe-based upscale farm stay chain that sets up participating farms with fancy platform tents and other amenities in exchange for a large portion of farm stay revenue, is getting quite of bit of press lately. First, the New York Times article, "$300 a Night, but Haying's Free," about a Feather Downs farm stay in New York, which you can read here on the Backyard Farming blog. Then, a piece from the Conde Nast Traveler Daily Traveler blog about how lovely and restful the Feather Downs farm stay accommodations are, particularly in this stressful economy. Particularly worth mentioning is this quote: "There are a number of different farms to chose from in rural spots like the Catskills and Illinois, and the company plans to have 20 to choose from in the next year." Sounds like the chain is growing fast. It's great that farm stays are getting press, but too bad that the journalists don't mention that there are plenty of more affordable farm stay options.

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