Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Jersey, Kentucky, and Utah agritourism

According to an article posted on mycentralnewjersey.com, New Jersey lawmakers recently toured agritourism farms and discussed the creative strategies that farmers have used to survive pressure from urbanization in Middlesex and Mercer Counties. Apparently New Jersey's Department of Agriculture narrowly survived being slashed in last year by politicians in Trenton. This fall, says the article, "the state Legislature has voted to post a bond issue question on the ballot this fall that calls for voters to decided if the state should borrow $400 million to preserve open space, farmland, and historic areas." It will be interesting to see what the voters decide. ---------------- September is agritourism month in Kentucky. The Agricultural Commissioner, Richie Farmer (such an appropriate name) is encouraging Kentuckians to check out Kentucky's more than 300 destination farms at www.kentuckyfarmsarefun.com, where you can choose from lots of different farm types, including farm stays (look for the "Lodging" category). ----------------

Agritourism in the Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau website also includes an agritourism guide. Alas, it lists no farm lodging options, but you can check out other varieties of agritourism in the area. ----------------- The Deseret News in Utah has a short article about agritourism and the 4th graders who tour an agri-tainment farm called Black Island Farms to learn where food comes from and to complement their science curriculum.

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