Thursday, November 19, 2009

New York news bits

Cornell Cooperative Extension recently hosted an agritourism workshop in Greene County, NY. Here's The Daily Mail quoting Sherry Hull, of Hull-O Farms, who presented during the workshop:
I'm not going to lie, [hosting guests] is hard work. And we are slaves to the weather and government. But whenever I feel stressed, I pull out one of the guest books and read the passage a little boy said years ago when he stayed at our farm. 'This may be the best day of my whole life,' he wrote.

An article in the Star Gazette on Schuyler County, NY discusses a study on the county's agricultural economy. While the author of the study, Jim Ochterski, says that the county has a healthy ag economy, the study also suggests an action plan for county farms to do even better. One of his recommendations is "Developing and marketing authentic farm tourism experiences."

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